Specialised Fertility Reflexotherapy

Nurturing, Positive Experience that aids Natural Conception & a must while going though IVF. Specialising in a mind-body approach to Fertility. Moving clients through emotional and physical blocks. An experience that allows the client to be comfortable and make them feel like they are in a safe and calm environment. This magnificent treatment allows couples to conceive naturally, even after failed rounds of IVF and miscarriages.

Fertility Treatment is beneficial to women of all ages going through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Fertility Treatment at Beautilicious with Jennfier will aid you in feeling relaxed and supported through your personal journey. She will help keep away negative thoughts and feelings and assure that you are confident in conceiving your baby

Thanks to Jennifer and this fantastic treatment, we've heard the wonderful news time and time again of clients conceiving! We're thrilled to celebrate 80 precious babies conceived with the aid of Specialised Fertility Reflexotherapy & Kahuna Healing! 


"I just wanted to say thank you again to Jennifer for the kahuna healing treatment she gave me last year. When I had the treatment she said I would be pregnant soon and that my baby would be just like me, bright and smiley ! He is almost 4 months now & is just how she described! I will be eternally grateful for the positivity that she bestowed on me xxx" -Anonymous

"I just saw your Facebook post about fertility and it reminded me to message you. I came to you in April for fertility reflexology and conceived that month. You spoke to me about how the way we word things (trying to get pregnant) can impact fertility. I can’t thank you enough."-Anonymous