Holistic Treatments

I wanted to seek out and train with the top people in their fields in Hawaii, in order to do justice to these amazing ancient, scared healing art forms and bring the wise secrets of Aloha to Ireland. 

My training adventures have taken me to Kaua'i and The Big Island of Hawaii, where I spent months studying and learning Traditional style Shamanic/Kahuna Healing skills of Manifestation direct with Dr Serge Kahili King, both on a one to one & group basis. Dr Serge Kahilli King is the founder of Aloha International & author of numerous books. People flew in from all over the world to do his amazing courses, proud to be the only Irish in the group. Each day, we visited places of great power & beauty! 

Making the most of my time in Hawaii, I've also completed the Shamanic Path to Authentic Thriving & Changing the Stories we Tell Ourselves (the Hawaiian shamanism of Huna) with Stewart Blackburn, author of the Skills of Pleasure. Incredible, powerful workshops!

Along my journey I studied the sacred art of LomiLomi by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, which I'm very excited to share with you. Kaua'i is sensational & absolutely breathtaking. Such stunning beauty that surrounds you there. Big Island & Kaua'i are both significant places associated with Reiki...as a Reiki Master I can certainly understand why!

Aloha overflows with hospitality, abundance & offers beauty to all...they say each person honoured with Aloha Spirit feels loved, welcomed, beauty, feelings of warmth & joy! We can certainly verify that!! Emotions swim with delight, as great healing occurs. The separation of strangers is replaced with the natural warmth of being loved and supported...Especially watching the spectacular, authentic Hula Dance...Wow, More spiritually is going on, than is apparent by the physical eye. That's for sure! Hawaii is just magical...may you be blessed by the Aloha Spirit.