men brows.jpgEyebrows:

A unique Eyebrow treatment using a specially formulated wax or thread to correct, define & create the perfect brow. Not only correcting the shape but also using a blend of tint suited to compliment the skin tone of every client. Each treatment is tailored to achieve the desired look, taking into account face shape and bone structure.


Eyelash Tint: 

Bring Focus to and enhance your own beautiful eyes, with a remarkable eyelash tint, especially beneficial for darkening naturally fairer lashes...choose your shade - Black, BlueBlack, Light Brown or Dark Brown. 


Eyebrow tinting: 

Enhance the natural contours of your face and bring focus to your beautiful eyes with an eyebrow tint. This semi permanent eyebrow tinting treatment gives you fuller, well groomed looking brows, with a perfect colour which can last up to six weeks. This beauty treatment is also a fabulous solution for completely covering even the most resistant grey hair. If you have naturally fair eyebrows then this treatment is an ideal option for enhancing your brows & opening your eyes. 



Is a hair removal method which uses a specialised 100% cotton thread to remove hair growth. It is primarily used on the face, on areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, chin and sides of face. 


HD Brows:

A unique, multi-step treatment for creating perfectly, well groomed, highly defined brows. Transform the way you look & more importantly, transform how you feel.