Are you feeling Stressed? Emotional? Overwhelmed? or has your skin broken out? then a Facial incorporating Kahuna Healing is the solution for you - your skin will be revitalised, rejuvenated & you will feel amazing within yourself.


Ultimate Relaxing & Rejuvenating Facial 

Green Angel select the very best natural raw ingredients. The seaweed comes from the west coast of Ireland which is packed with vitamins, minerals and natural essential oils are chosen for their individual healing and therapeutic qualities in treating skin conditions, enhancing beauty, promoting wellness and bringing balance to the mind & body


Skin Essentials Facial 

A customised treatment facial, targeting problematic areas and focusing on re-balancing the skins acid mantle to purify your skin 


Skin Essentials Pro-Peel 

Using a blend of lactic and salicylic acid this facial visibly resurfaces your skin and increases skin texture after just one treatment. Course of 3 highly recommended for best results.  Includes skin consultation with our highly trained therapists


Course of 3 Pro-Peel Facials 

Skin Essentials Pro-Peel Plus 

A higher strength advanced peel suitable as a follow up treatment after a course of pro-peels treatments


Teen Vibrant Facial & Consultation 

A nice relaxing facial for teens & with professional advice on establishing a hugely beneficial Skincare routine for Clean, Clear & Beautiful Skin


Ultimate Facial & Eye Treatment Combi 

Includes Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Tint and Lash Tint 


Back Massage and Facial Combi 

A sensory journey for a complete holistic approach to relaxation.  The perfect combination for a pure and indulgent treat for the mind, body and soul, using all natural ingredients