Specialised Fertility Reflexology

A Nurturing, Positive & highly successful experience that aides Natural Conception & a must while going through IVF.

  • Are you thinking about IVF or other fertility treatment, planning it in the near future, or maybe you're in the middle of a cycle right now? 
  • Have you thought about preparing EMOTIONALLY for your fertility treatment?


Personal Fertility Support with Jennifer

Imagine how good it would feel to be supported and feel relaxed on your fertility journey. At Beautilicious, support is caring, empathic, non-judgemental and focused on a positive experience along your fertility journey.

We can work together one-to-one to 

- dramatically reduce stress levels, ensuring you feel calm & relaxed

- quieten negative thoughts and self-talk about your fertility, so you can fully embrace a positive mindset,

- discover and resolve any potential emotional blocks to conceiving,

- achieve positivity and clarity as you move towards conceiving your baby.




"I just wanted to say thank you again to Jennifer for the kahuna healing treatment she gave me last year. When I had the treatment she said I would be pregnant soon and that my baby would be just like me, bright and smiley ! He is almost 4 months now & is just how she described! I will be eternally grateful for the positivity that she bestowed on me xxx" Anonymous 


"U'll never guess who's pregnant?? We've never met in person, just exchanged texts yrs ago n u just gave advise about never losing hope as regards conceiving n it turns out u were right, so will be forever thankful" - Anonymous, April 24th 2018 


"Hi Jennifer, I am currently 9 weeks 4 days pregnant and feeling great. I genuinely don't even know what to write to you. How do you say thank you for something so huge as this? 
You gave me visualisations, which were the best things I've ever been thought. I used it the whole time and even when I got a positive test, I used it to keep at bay the worries that something bad was going to happen again. I now use them in my every day life when I feel anxious about something , it's such a great tool. Also the visualisation of where my baby was going to nestle in and my body nourishing it was very powerful too. After seeing the scan, the baby is exactly where I imagined it to be which is weird and amazing!

Jennifer what you do it truly amazing, I have never met a person more intuitive.

Not only do I attribute you to be the reason I am pregnant but you have helped me deal with something that was probably going to remain a shadow over my life forever. You have given me life skills that I will use in all aspects of my life. You're an amazing person Jennifer. I have no idea what you actually do but keep doing it.

Please use any or all of this this promote what you do.

Thank you for everything.
Love X."