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Massage is much more than just a relaxing or pampering treatment - it actually stimulates specific physiological and psychological changes in your body. Frequent massage can reward you with major health benefits and a true sense of wellbeing. Body systems under stress such as circulatory, lymphatic, immune, skeletal, nervous, digestive and cardio-vascular can be positively manipulated through massage leading to mental, physical & emotional equilibrium.


Muscle Melt Full Body Massage:

This traditional favourite is a relaxing therapeutic massage and one of our most popular. It is also the foundation for our more advanced massages. If you have never had a massage before, then choosing the Muscle Melt Massage is a great introduction. It uses techniques that have been used for centuries to invigorate and increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from your muscles. It stimulates your skin and nervous system while simultaneously soothing them. Regular Massage treatments, greatly reduces mental, emotional & physical stress and tension, highly recommended as part of a stress management programme.

Muscle Melt Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage:

A very relaxing massage to ease strain and tension in your back, neck and shoulders - Relieving "tension", "stress" and loosens "knots".


Revitalising Foot Ritual: 

Re-energise tired feet with a wonderful blend of Reflexotherapy, Hydrating Mask, Heated Booties and a Therapeutic Massage.  

All to often we take our bodies for granted, putting continual demands on ourselves. Legs & feet are frequently ignored, these weight-bearing parts of our body do so much for un, carrying us through life. . small twinges & discomforts often going unheeded, leading to tired aching limbs and swollen ankles. Leg massage can work wonders in reducing aches & pains, improves sluggish blood flow, eases tension and revitalises tired feet. Your feet will thank you for it. 


Lava Hot Stone Therapy: 

Many ancient cultures have used the healing power of stones for medicinal & spiritual purposes. It is believed that volcanic, lava stones are filled with vitality & energy. Stones are placed on key energy points of the body to harmonise the spirit. During the rhythmic massage sequence, mimicking the steady stream of flowing water, the stones release their power and warmth to tired & tense muscles, promoting inner peace, easing muscular tension. This powerful treatment excites every sense and provides a unique journey for your soul! 



Nurturing Mum to Be Massage: 

Nurturing Mum to Be Massage is a relaxing, therapeutic, nurturing massage that focuses on easing any discomfort associated with the different stages of your pregnancy. During this wonderful specialised gentle massage, you'll receive emotional support, harmonising mental, emotional & physical fatigue. Relieves back tension, swollen hands & feet which eases your mind and lifts your spirits, leaving you feel amazing, lighter, brighter, happier & rejuvenated. It enhances the function of growing muscles and joints, improves circulation, sleep and helps prepare your body for labour. This beautiful massage is wonderful therapy for both you & your baby. 



Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Our lymphatic system is our filtration system to get rid of toxins/wastes in our body. It's our first line of defence for our immune system as it produces infection fighting white blood cells..modern living can take a toll on our bodies, convenience food, lack of exercise, sleep depravation to name but a few culprits!

During lymphatic Drainage massage the therapist uses gentle, rhythmic, hypnotic moves on skin to manually move and improve the flow of lymph around your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage has numerous benefits;

*Improved Skin Complexion                                                                              *Helps Rid your body of Cellulite

*Lessons the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles                                                 *Reduces puffiness around eyes

*Appearance of old scars can be reduced and new scars minimised!                   *Helps clear non hormonal acne

*Boosts Immune System                                                                                  *Drains Wastes & Toxins Effectively

*Reduces sluggishness                                                                                      *Improves Digestion

*Aids weight-loss                                                                                             *Useful in treating sinusitis 

*Reduces non medical oedema                                                                          *Reduces Healing time of body


Lymphatic is such a gentle, soothing treatment, one of the more relaxing holistic treatments with huge benefits. Relaxation enhanced with powerful cleansing and rejuvenating effects!




Benefits of Massage

*Increased Circulation                                  *Nourishing

*Restores Sleep Patterns                              *Increased Lymph Flow

*Removes Toxins & Waste                            *Promotes Relaxation

*Removes Lactic Acid from Muscles               *Relieves Aches & Pains

*Aids Joint Mobility                                       *Aides Desquamation

*Soothes sensory Nerve Endings                    *Break down Fatty Tissue

*Aides Weight Loss                                       *Loosens Scar Tissue

*Breaks down Adhesions in Muscles               *Revitalises Tired Muscles

*Improves Muscle Tone                                 *Skin Feels Rejuvenated

*Stress Levels are Reduced                            *Increases Self-Confidence