To meet the highest standards in safety, cutting edge quality, low temperature, reduced pain & minimised risk of ingrown hairs. Beautilicious has cherry-picked Perron Rigot Paris for their true expertise in the field of waxing, especially intimate waxing. Non-strip waxes are highly recommended for the more sensitive stubborn areas such as the Bikini line, an absolute must for facial, underarm, Brazilian or Hollywood waxing

Superior wax used during treatment, adheres only to the hair and not the skin. Perron Rigot's new generation non-strip wax has revolutionised the face of intimate waxing.

Advantages of waxing:

Regrowth is tapered & soft

Regrowth is greatly reduced

Takes up to 6 weeks to grow back

No more shaving rashes or itching

Beautilicious understand the importance of waxing and the hesitation many women, when thinking about a waxing treatment, especially sensitive areas. We understand too that intimate waxing is very personal and savvy clients are seeking out salons and therapists who will respect their modesty and are able to offer a safer waxing treatment with minimum pain.

Beautilicious provides the highest standard of comfort and hygiene in professional luxurious surroundings, combined with highly skilled expertise in advanced waxing, we offer you the very distinguished Perron Rigot Wax, renowned for low temperatures allowing us to tailor a waxing service to meet the specific needs of our clients.


A French specialist in depilatory waxes for more than 30 years with more than 20 patents and is a leader in the Irish market. A revolutionary, exquisite wax, makes waxing a much more enjoyable experience for the client & therapist. Perron Rigot has turned waxing into a premier beauty treatment. Non-Strip Wax is highly recommended for the more sensitive and intimate parts of the body such as the bikini line or a customized Brazilian, Hollywood


Regular Bikini

Hair is removed outside the panty line



Extended panty line. Hair is removed deeper in and from the top also.



The Brazilian Bikini Wax (Landing Strip) is a vertical strip at the front, two to three centimetres in width. Hair is removed from underneath and the sides.



Follow the rich and famous and dare to bare all with this increasingly sought after waxing treatment. Using fabulous Perron Rigot wax at body temperature this customized bikini wax has it all taken off, total hair removal.


NEW - Relaxing waxing

Specially for those intimate areas

turquoise colour

creamy and luxurious texture

contains CICASEPTICALM complex with active ingredients which: reduce irritation, are anti-bacterial, help to calm and protect the newly waxed skin

contains coconut oil to moisturise and leave the skin silky soft

for a gentle and effective intimate wax

For all skin types. Especially suitable for all types of intimate waxing, especially Californian, Brazilian & Hollywood.

"Beautilicious is the best for waxing, my previous salon used strip wax, which was very uncomfortable & painful. I used to suffer from terrible ingrown hairs, not anymore!" Linda, Waterford


Leg waxing:

One major advantage of waxing is that it provides better and longer-lasting results than shaving does. Say hello to waxing & make it a positive experience. You will be delighted you switched!

pre-waxing steps recommended for best results & the most enhanced experience possible.

1. try to avoid scheduling your wax in the two to three days before or after your period. Skin is more sensitive during this time.

2.Your hair grows in three different cycles, for best results to reduce hair growth & to get your hair growth on the one cycle it's imperative that you wax regularly initially.