Our Workshops:


We have various beneficial Workshops! Check out our Facebook page to see our up and coming Workshops. If you would like a repeat/ follow up of a workshop you can call us to request one! 0879086262

*Back/Posture Workshop


*Yoga Workshop

*Angel Card Reading Workshop

*Goal Setting Workshop

*Meditation etc.



 Some amazing Reviews on our Workshops:


Meditation Workshop:

"Beautiful Session. Challenging nut ultimately relaxing. Learned a lot about myself today. Thanks" 

"Totally Relaxing workshop. Wonderful tips and insights into ways of simple meditation"

"Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. A wonderful introduction to meditation and feel I have learned a lot to implement at home"


Great Back Health & Posture Workshop:

"Very helpful workshop. Feel very free & light on my feet - Total Awareness"

" Really enjoyable & very helpful. A reminder to be more conscious of my posture - I now have good useful tools"

"After a Great Workshop I feel Strong and empowered. Namaste"

"Very informative workshop.I feel I have gained invaluable insight & knowledge. Thanks so much Jennifer"


Goal Setting Workshop:

"So inspiring. The inner me has awoken. Change is good. Trust & Believe. Thank you Jennifer"

"Lovely moment of clarity, knowing I can move the invisible blocks I have built up. I can do it for myself, by myself, with myself"

"It has helped me on the road to re-focus myself in a positive manner to move forward and feel I am worth it and deserve good things that happen to me"


Mindfulness Workshop:

"Learned lots of techniques and tools that I really need at this point in time. Thank you!"

"I arrived tense and anxious and I'm leaving with a smile! Thank you"

"Amazing journey on self discovery and I learned to be more in tune with mind & body. Thank you"

"Wonderful life lessons learned. Many Thanks Jenny"

"Amazing, Thank you. As always I'm floating out the door."