Learn the skills of Reiki and Reflexotherapy in one of our specific training courses.

We adore Reflexotherapy here at Beautilicious. We are very proud of Hanne Marquardt for all her profound work in developing Reflexotherapy!


Expand, develop and learn new healing methods with our fantastic Reiki and Reflexotherapy training courses! Learn new techniques to improve your health, happiness and your overall life! Our hugely beneficial courses allow you to up skill in Holistic Therapies. Reiki is an ancient, gentle, Japanese Healing Touch Therapy. Learn how to heal yourself, pets and other in our Reiki Training Courses. We teach Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 (Practitioners Course) and Reiki Level 3 (Reiki Master Teachers Course). Reiki harmonises your body, mind & soul, alleviating stress, tension & illness for Total Wellbeing! Jennifer has a fantastic Lineage for Reiki being just 11th, making your place 12th from the founder of Reiki Dr Usui! 

Reflexotherapy is a higher level of Reflexology. Using a specialised, unique technique which deeply relaxes clients and releases stress and trauma. It harmonises and balances the ANS. It can also help to revitalise and powerfully heal emotional and physical scars. Reflexotherapy is way more profound and healing than Reflexology. Reflexologists often develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from all their hard work in treating and healing clients. Reflexotherapy is specialised in teaching you how to safely perform treatments without putting yourself at risk of developing this condition. It is hugely beneficial for both your clients and you, the Reflexotherapsit. 

Reflexotherapy was developed by Hanne Marquardt after she spent years training with the founder of reflexology, Eunice Ingham. Hanne went on to further develop, improve and perfect her own methods of Reflexology which she names Reflexotherapy. Jennifer Coady Murphy has trained directly with Hanne Marquardt. Jennifer was hand picked by Hanne to go to her home in the Black Forest, Germany so she could be trained to teach Reflexotherapy. Hanne has given Jennifer her blessings to continue to teach Reflexotherapy in her honour. A huge congratulation to our dear friend Hanne Marquardt who has recently been awarded a very deserved honorary acknowledgement from the President of Germany for her years of hard work & development of Reflexotherapy. We adore Reflexotherapy here at Beautilicious. We are very proud of you Hanne for all your profound work!

Our Courses:

Develop your skills in areas of interest. Learn techniques to improve your health, life and happiness.

Be kind to yourself and use the tools and skills to … feel amazing!!

Some of our courses include:

– Reiki
– Reflexotherapy

We have various beneficial Workshops! Check out our Facebook page to see our up and coming Workshops.

If you would like a repeat/ follow up of a workshop you can call us to request one! 0879086262

Some of our workshops include:

*Back/Posture Workshop

*Mindfulness Workshop

*Restorative Yoga Workshop

*Angel Card Reading Workshop

*Goal Setting Workshop

*Meditation Workshop

Our Upcoming Deeply Restorative Workshop:

Go In. Do Less. Feel more .

Reap the benefits of stillness in the body, expansion of the mind, deepening awareness and opening in the heart while marinating in juicy long held, fully supported postures.

Deeply Restorative yoga offers us a way to leave behind our ideas of how we should be, and return to our true selves.

In this workshop we will practice a short Yoga sequence then be guided into a soothing body and breath sensing Yoga Nidra to restore the normal vibratory frequencies to dis-eased and out of harmony parts of the body, mind and Soul .

Please join us for some wonderful workshops and allow yourself to Unfold. Feel the amazing benefits of Restorative, wonderful, inspiring workshops for yourself.

Booking is essential for all workshops €45, as there is huge interest and limited places, relaxing and therapeutic workshop.

What Customers Are Saying

“Beautiful Session. Challenging but ultimately relaxing. Learned a lot about myself today. Thanks”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. A wonderful introduction to meditation and feel I have learned a lot to implement at home”

“Really enjoyable & very helpful. A reminder to be more conscious of my posture – I now have good useful tools”

“Very informative workshop.I feel I have gained invaluable insight & knowledge. Thanks so much Jennifer”

“It has helped me on the road to re-focus myself in a positive manner to move forward and feel I am worth it and deserve good things that happen to me”

Mindfulness Workshop:

“Learned lots of techniques and tools that I really need at this point in time.

Thank you!”

Mindfulness Workshop:

“I arrived tense and anxious and I’m leaving with a smile! Thank you”

“Totally Relaxing workshop. Wonderful tips and insights into ways of simple meditation”

Back Health & Posture Workshop:

“Very helpful workshop. Feel very free & light on my feet – Total Awareness”

“After a Great Workshop I feel Strong and empowered. Namaste”

Goal Setting Workshop:

“So inspiring. The inner me has awoken. Change is good. Trust & Believe. Thank you Jennifer”

Goal Setting Workshop:

“Lovely moment of clarity, knowing I can move the invisible blocks I have built up. I can do it for myself, by myself, with myself”

Mindfulness Workshop:

“Amazing journey on self discovery and I learned to be more in tune with mind & body. Thank you”

Mindfulness Workshop:

“Wonderful life lessons learned. Many Thanks Jenny” “Amazing, Thank you. As always I’m floating out the door.”

Traditional & Ancient Healing

Blending traditional beauty treatments such as Manicure, Pedicure, Spray Tanning, Facials, Makeup application, Waxing etc. with scared ancient holistic healing art forms such as Kahuna Healing, Reiki, Reflexotherapy

Feel Amazing

Unique Beauty Experience with a Holistic Approach and Spa Feel.

It’s an oasis of calm, a non-judgemental, peaceful, safe haven were all treatments are tailored to your individual needs.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our organic, Irish products where possible

Today’s Thought

Our mind is like a mirror–it can reflect everything, the whole universe if we want it to. However, often there is too much dust on the mirror so we can’t reflect anything. The symbols and mantras are helping us to clean our mirror so that one day we can reflect the whole universe.

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