VOYA Man – Men’s Range

VOYA Man is specially designed, certified organic skincare range for him. The new range of products, work hard and smart, offering intense hydration, helping to reduce irritation and boost all-round balance to men’s skin.

 The new range includes a three step regime designed by men, for men. The performance based on products help to fight the signs of ageing, reduce enlarged pores, calm inflammation and soothe dehydrated skin. 

VOYA Man – Men’s Range

The new range includes a three step regime designed by men, for men. The performance based on products help to fight the signs of ageing, reduce enlarged pores, calm inflammation and soothe dehydrated skin. The VOYA’s Men’s range launches with a rich fragrance, packed with fresh citrus and wood undertone with clove and lime to refresh and awaken.

Each VOYA products contains the family grown organic seaweed, which is, harvested daily along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The anti-ageing and hydrating properties of the wild Irish seaweed are combined with active Sea Heather to soothe the skin to act as a protecting layer against the weather and environmental elements. VOYA have used two scientifically proven 100% natural active ingredients within the VOYA’s Men’s Range


    Derived from the Baobab tree, this oil is an incredible ingredient to use when formulating for men’s skin as it works to prevent the breakdown of Versican, thus slowing the ageing process, leaving the skin visibly refreshed and toned.


    A complex of Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Balloon Vine extract described as a natural first aid for inflamed skin by dermatologists. Perfect for protecting and repairing the skins natural functional barrier, it has a soothing effect on the skin helping to reduce and prevent razor burn and giving tired and dull skin a real boost.

    VOYA Man

    VOYA MAN is specifically designed by men, for men.

     Invigorating Facial Wash – lather away impurities and strengthen the skin with VOYA’s men’s anti-ageing range facial wash. Containing Sea Heather and Aloe Leaf extract the gentle conditioning facial wash helps to improve the skins tone, while leaving it ocean fresh and deeply cleansed. With vitamin C and E to aid cell repair and boost Collagen production.


    • Certified Organic Ingredients 99.27% 99.27%
    • Replaces Lost Moisture 90% 90%
    • Tightens & Firms 95% 95%
    • Anti-oxidant Protection 99% 99%
    • Excellent Healing Properties 100% 100%

    Cooling Shaving Gel – this cooling shaving gel gets the job done, using Sea Heather and Seaweed extracts for anti-ageing benefits. Fresh fragrances of rosewood with Lime lends to a citrus cooling lathering shave gel experience. This formula gives fast acting soothing relief for any irritated skin. This organic formulation works to protect, soften and hydrate the skin.


    • Certified Organic Ingredients 92.28% 92.28%
    • Protects Skin 100% 100%
    • Softens Skin 95% 95%
    • Hydrates Skin 95% 95%
    • Soothes Skin 100% 100%

    Rejuvenating Moisturiser – this hard working moisturiser reworks and replenishes damage done to the facial skin’s functional barrier. It soothes skin irritations from shaving, free radicals or weather damage and battles the effects of ageing to improve the quality of the skin. This smooth operator leaves the skin with a mattified yet healthy glow finish. Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids promote ongoing maintenance of the epidermal barrier to the skin, for continued protection.


    • Certified Organic Ingredients 99.75% 99.75%
    • Tightens & Plumps 100% 100%
    • Prevents against further Damage 100% 100%
    • Encourages Skin Renewal 100% 100%
    • Provides Long Term Moisturising 95% 95%
    Traditional & Ancient Healing

    Blending traditional beauty treatments such as Manicure, Pedicure, Spray Tanning, Facials, Makeup application, Waxing etc. with scared ancient holistic healing art forms such as Kahuna Healing, Reiki, Reflexotherapy

    Feel Amazing

    Unique Beauty Experience with a Holistic Approach and Spa Feel.

    It’s an oasis of calm, a non-judgemental, peaceful, safe haven were all treatments are tailored to your individual needs.


    We pride ourselves on the quality of our organic, Irish products where possible

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